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miro42 reviews Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition

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miro42 said...

(Possible SPOILERS)The sequel gave me what I wanted: more interaction with my squadmates. However, this entire game is nothing but that. It doesn't have the epic feel of the first one and as such, I cannot say that this game is better. Sure I got my teammates through the danger, all unscathed. This was supposed to be a suicide mission but I never felt any danger. I did however feel very frustrated, quite often. While the mechanics of shooting has improved tenfold, this game also makes you rely on having to shoot way too much. The biotics and techs were dumbed down until you got the baddies to just their health. Then all it took was a good head shot and they went down, no matter if they were a giant mech or a tiny trooper. So far I've only played as the soldier, since that was my first class in the first game, and I totally feel cheated. While my character didn't have special powers, my teammates were all but useless until I was able to bust down shields and barriers for them to do any damage.
So, while this game is awesome, in and of itself, it is not an awesome Mass Effect sequel. I got my character interaction, but that's the entire game. There isn't really a sense of threat from the Reapers, and the main baddie doesn't have a voice, like Saren and even Sovereign. Harbinger was in it for half a second and then you didn't even get to kill him. The shooter mechanics were amped, but it gimped the not shooter battler. I recommend this game, but not as a Mass Effect game.

Game Traits applied to Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition by miro42

  • The Setting:
    Space Opera
  • Playing As:
    Commander Shepard
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Action RPG, NPC depth
  • General Tone:
    epic, Dark
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